We couldn’t describe it better!  Read the experiences of a guest who stayed at our place! Surfing in Praia da Areia Branca.

‘Vila Oasis Verde is a short drive or lovely walk to the beautiful Praia da Areia Branca beach. During my stay, I took surf lessons at a local surf school, located right on the beach where there are also various restaurants to enjoy after your lesson. The surf school has lots of equipment and instructors, all of whom are very experienced. They lived and surfed in the region for years. They are personable and friendly and they do everything they can to help you get up on the board. Almost everyone stands and surfs within a matter of days!

It’s a very cool experience, especially on the Silver Coast of Portugal with the wonderful, clear waters, hot sun, and gorgeous cliff scenery surrounding the soft, sandy beaches. The surf is fantastic and fun for every age. And you get involved in the community as well because of the lessons. For instance, you hook up with other travelers staying nearby, or the locals! Since the beach area is small, you will get to know people well and become aquatinted with the lifestyle seamlessly. I made many great friends in all levels of surf ability with the school, which has made my stay that much better!


The surf school works to get its participants engaged with one another as well. They offer a weekly, delicious five-course seafood meal at a local restaurant, for just 17 euros. Lessons themselves are also enticingly not expensive, at about 200 euros a week with equipment included. For an even broader experience, a package is available which includes great tours to gain knowledge about the area. Included are wonderful yoga lessons with a local teacher.

My Recommendations

I strongly recommend the surf schools of the area to anyone staying in Praia da Areia Branca, and I recommend coming for them as well! The location is perfect with a very consistent wave break and gorgeous scenery, as well as being just 15 minutes from the surfing city of Peniche and about an hour from Lisbon with easy bus transportation.

They are truly a great way to learn a new skill, get outside, and get involved with a wonderful community!’

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