After waiting a lot of years for the famous Dinopark, it finally was there!  In February 2018 it opened his doors for the public! Living in Lourinha, we were a little bit prepared.  We followed all the preparations of the park through social media. Last year there were also some very nice dinosaurs in the center of Lourinha, which are now in the park.  So we really expected a lot of the park!

The Visit

End of March 2018, we decided to explore the park.  We went on a sunny Sunday afternoon and we were not the only one.  A very long row to enter the park. It seems that you can buy also your tickets online, and then you can skip the line!

When you enter the park, you first need to pass a big area where some things are explained about the dinosaurs found in Lourinha, the Lourinhanosaurus.  There is also a small lab where you see the scientist working on bones etc. When you leave this space, you immediately enter in the world of dinosaurs, a big park with a lot of trees and about 120 real-life dinosaurs!  It is a very sunny day, so it’s very good that we have the shade of the trees. A walk of more or less 2 hours will take us through the 4 different periods of the dinosaurs. My kids of 6 and 8 years old are very excited. They really like to see the dinosaurs.  Sometimes there is a little, basic play area and then we continue our walk. After 1,5 hour of walking, they get a little bit bored. They find it interesting, but it is always the same. Of course, you see dinosaurs and that’s it, nothing more than that. When we are at the end of the walk, they are happy again, because there they have a very nice playground and there is also an area where they can be a scientist themselves. They can hammer on a stone to discover some bones. A little basic, but they like it.


My conclusion: don’t expect some fancy, interactive things in the park.  It is a basic park with nice dinosaurs, but that’s it. Personally, I find it quite expensive (9,5 EUR for children and 12,5 EUR for adults) for what it is.

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