From Lourinha, it is just an hour drive to the beautiful city of Sintra. I spent a day in the heart of the charmingly old city and it was a fantastic way to get aquatinted with some classic Portuguese history. With over ten notable historical monuments for a relatively small town, Sintra has a lot to offer for the intrigue of any visitor, and, while there are countless tour busses and guides, it is not difficult to self navigate through.

Sintra is truly a city of palaces, and the Pena Palace on the hilltop overlooking the city is an absolute must-see. It is a lovely stroll through gardens up the hill to the stunning, colorful, palace with its romanticist, whimsical charm.

Just down the path, there is also a much older, 12th century Moorish palace, also worth a look, especially as you can tour both for under 20 euros a person.

Also, the 20th century villa house, Quinta da Regaleira, is straight from a fairy tale in it’s design and glamour, and a popular local favorite of the attractions.

From these sights, you can see all of the city of Sintra. Besides overlooking the Palacio Nacional de Sintra, Parque da Pena, and 15th century Convento dos Capuchos, all well worth a visit if you have the time, the city boasts an oceanfront, areas to shop, and countless little streets to explore.

For the more actively geared tourist, Sintra also is home to a beautiful cliff lined coast with surf, hiking, and some of the best rock climbing in all of Portugal. In the center of town, there are shopping streets with many places to eat or get a coffee, sightsee, and explore some local shops. We were recommended to try the Cafe Saudade, somewhat of a well known favorite amongst locals and easygoing tourists. It’s a beautiful cafe with a terrace where you can enjoy delicious drinks, cakes, and meals within walking distance of many of the cities attractions- they also offer vegan and vegetarian options, which can be somewhat hard to come by.

The city of Sintra is notably worth the visit during your stay at Vila Oasis Verde, whether it be for rustic charm, history, or an outdoor adventure, you’ll soon fall in love with the area… and maybe even run into Madonna in her new home in the city!