Today I came across a nicely written piece on the website ttps://, about the medieval city, Obidos. It describes very well what Óbidos is and what you can see there. Hence, it is definitely a must-do when you are staying with us! A small half-hour drive will take you to this beautiful village. To bring you in the mood, I share with you some information about this medieval village.


Óbidos is close to the capital, on top of a mountain near the Atlantic coast. It was once of strategic importance for the defense of the territory. People lived there even before the Romans occupied the Iberian Peninsula. Obidos rose to greater prosperity from the moment the royal family chose to stay in this town. When King D. Dinis donated the town to his wife, D. Isabel, in the 13th century. Medieval Obidos became the city of the queens of Portugal, who fortified and enriched the town for several dynasties. This is also one of the main reasons why there are so many churches in this small town.

Het kasteel van Óbidos

Within the city walls, there is a well-preserved castle between a labyrinth of narrow streets and charming white houses. Between the portals in Manueline style, the flower decorated windows, and the small squares, you find different sights. All good examples of the religious and civil architecture from the golden times of the town.

Obidos, more than just a castle

The churches Igreja Matriz de Santa Maria, Igreja da Misericórdia, Igreja de São Pedro, the “Pelourinho” are within the walls. Outside the city walls the aqueduct and the sanctuary Santuário do Sr. Jesus da Pedra, with a round plan, are some of the monuments worth a visit. Like the Museu Municipal de Óbidos, where you can admire the works of Josefa de Óbidos. This famous painter from the 17th century was a woman with an idiosyncratic artistic attitude. And that was quite unusual for that time. Her paintings show the influence of great 17th-century masters such as the Spanish painters Zurbarán and Francisco de Herrera. But also the Portuguese André Reinoso and Baltazar Gomes Figueira, her father.

Obidos view from the walls around the town

You can visit the medieval city of Obidos throughout the year. The love stories that are told here and the medieval atmosphere, make this town ideal for a romantic or just a quiet weekend. If you spend a night in the castle, your stay will certainly be perfect.

Obidos small streets with an abundance of flowers

Events in Obidos

One of the most famous dishes of the local gastronomy is the “Caldeirada de peixe da Lagoa de Óbidos” (fish stew). It tastes even better when you drink a wine from the Oeste wine region. Another attraction is the famous cherry liqueur, the “Ginjinha de Óbidos”. You can taste this drink in different places, preferably in a cup of chocolate.

Throughout the year, events take place that brightens up this small town. The most famous are the Festival Internacional do Chocolate (chocolate festival), the Mercado Medieval (medieval market) and the Christmas market. In December the town transforms into a Christmas village. Other important events are the Temporada de Música Clássica Barroca (baroque music), the Temporada de Cravo (harpsichord) and the “Festival de Ópera” (opera festival) that give a special atmosphere to Óbidos. There are also many outdoor shows in the hot summer months.

Obidos overlooks the valley and was important for the defense of Portugal

In the area of Óbidos, there is the large sandy beach of Praia d’El Rey. Golf enthusiasts can practice their sport on a golf course with a view over the Atlantic Ocean. You need to pass by the city of Caldas da Rainha, whose history links closely to the Queens of Portugal. You will arrive at the beach of Foz do Arelho, which connects the Lagoa de Óbidos lagoon with the sea. An excellent place for a delicious lunch with seafood and fresh fish. Or to enjoy a beautiful sunset over the sea.

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