The Lisbon Zoo, we have visited him already a few times!  I really like him. And my kids also. Every year they ask: when do we go to the Zoo?  When people are visiting us, I always recommend the Zoo, and when they are back, they thank me for the tip I gave them.

The Zoo

Everybody loves the Zoo.  But before entering him, you need to get rid of your car.  And that is not always that easy.. When you come at opening time, it is no problem to find a parking spot, but if you come in the afternoon, you can have some difficulties.  There is a -paid – parking right in front of the Zoo, but it is not that big, so it’s full very fast. When you want to park around the Zoo, there are some men walking there to show you the available spots.  They afterwards appreciate it when you give them a little coin. This is the way how Lisbon works, people showing you the available places to park and you give them a little coin to thank them for their help. When you have the possibility to come with the bus to the Zoo, it’s a little bit easier.. (we have every hour busses going from Lourinhã to Lisbon).

Once you’ve entered the Zoo, you forget that you are in a city.  You are immediately surrounded with gardens, shadow and sun. One of the big advantages is that there are a lot of trees, so when you come in the summer, it is not that hot to see the animals.   When you’re in, you can start your visit through the Rainforest, the African Savannah, Asia and South America. Each offering you each own experience.


There are a lot of shows at the Zoo, all at different hours, so you can attend them all.  You have the pelicans feeding, the flying birds and the dolphin show. And what do I like this last one!  For more or less 20 minutes, you will be amazed by the tricks of the dolphins and the seal dog. Even their monitors go inside the water with them.  The only negative thing is that they do the show only in Portuguese. There is one thing they still need to learn in Portugal, and that is English..

Once my kids enjoyed the dolphin show, they always want to do a tour in the cable car.  This is a very nice way to see all the animals! There is also a little train riding through the Zoo, but unfortunately, you need to pay extra for this.  This is a pity, knowing that the entrance ticket is not so cheap.

After a day of fun, you can eat something in the restaurants.  A hamburger and a ‘cachorro’ is easy to find, but when you want to eat something healthier, you need to go somewhere else.

Like in every attraction park, you have a small shop at the exit of the park. Don’t forget to buy a small dolphin, they are so cute… 🙂

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