Biggest European Oriental Garden

Did you know that the biggest European Oriental Garden is in Portugal?  You can find him at Quinta dos Loridos, Bombarral, at only 20 minutes driving from Vila Oasis Verde. Do you want to know if the Buddha garden in Bombarral is worth a visit? Read on!


Most noteworthy, the garden is 35 hectares big. The reason for the garden was the destruction of the 2 big Buddhas of Bayan.  Unfortunately, they were destroyed in 2001 by the Taliban. But, as a consequence, a beautiful garden arose in Portugal.  

You have to see it when you are in Portugal.  It is — monumental— 

Some facts

Therefore, I would like to give you more facts about this awesome garden.  First of all, more than 6000 tons of marble and granite were used to make all these statues. Also, there are about 700 hand-painted blue terractota soldiers in the garden. Third, in the central lake, you can see Koi fish.  And, even more impressive are the dragons coming out of the water.

In the middle of the garden, you can find a central staircase.  Here you can find the biggest lying Buddha. The perfect moment to take a nice picture…

Little train for the tourists

We took a little ride with the touristic train in the garden.  Nice for the kids, but you need to wait a long time, especially because it was high season.  The ride takes about 30 minutes, so you need to wait 30 minutes when you cannot enter the train.  The train brings you to places where you normally wouldn’t come by foot and it has 3 stops, where you can leave and enter the train again.


To exit the garden, you need to pass through the store. Here you can buy and taste good wines for an affordable price.  You can find here more information about the wines.


In conclusion, the Buddha garden in Bombarral is a must-see.  Especially when you have half a day available and you don’t really know what to visit, this is the perfect visit.

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