Last week, it was quite hot in Portugal. We needed water, lots of water, more specifically a water amusement park. Sure, there are a few around here, but the biggest we know is located in Santarém. So, we jumped in the car and drove North for about an hour to our destination, the water amusement park in Santarem!


Santarém is a bit further from the coastline, so the temperature is about 10 degrees warmer than Lourinha. At 10 am, it is already 30 degrees celsius, a real sweaty day to look forward to.

The water park

At the park entrance, there are long queues, a lot of people want to spend the day swimming and enjoying the water. The park offers several possible arrangements, you can have a deck chair with and without beach umbrella, on the lawn or you could choose a more private zone for your family. We decided to go for the chair plus umbrella. The shade is very welcome when there is a hot day ahead. More information about the prices here.

First impression: wow

When entering the park, we see a big pool with real waves, big slides, a pool for kids with fountains and slides and a big lawn with chairs. It looks amazing and we are ready for a great day.

The kids enjoy their day in the kid’s pool when they want to go to the big pool, the one with the waves, they need an adult accompanying them. The waves are fun for adults but kids with little swimming experience should have an adult with them making sure they don’t get in trouble.


Overall, we had a fun day in the water park and we will for sure come back for more in the future!

Tip for your perfect holiday: visit the water amusement park in Santarem!

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