This weekend, we visited windmills.  Beautiful ones and at only 5 minutes driving from Vila Oasis Verde.  When you come to us, you definitely need to see them!

Of course, they don’t play an active role in the economy anymore, but they are without doubt important heritage to centuries-old traditions of Portuguese people. 

We saw 5 windmills in Alto da Pinhoa, in the Moita dos Ferreiros region. Theye were all restored in April 2000, 3 are still in operation and 1 is transformed into a bar.  The last one has other purposes. 

I was told that if you were lucky (we weren’t at that moment 😉 ), you can talk with the miller and his wife and they show you a windmill in operation and they explain how it works.

The visit doesn’t take so much time, but it is nice to see, as well as for adults as for children.

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