About us

We speak English, Dutch, basic Portuguese and basic French. See our contact form at the bottom of the page in case of questions.

Vila Oasis Verde was founded in 2014!

The Vila Oasis Verde compound was bought in 2013 and two of the houses were renovated, Casa da Agave and Casa das Pedras. The playground was created and the pool got a total make-over as well. Early 2014, we started advertising our holiday homes.

In 2014, Casa das Palmeiras and Casa da Aloe Vera were constructed. Bot houses have the same layout but are mirrored. Parking spots inside the community were created.

In 2019, we celebrate our 5th anniversary with a new website where we can accept direct bookings. We started a blog as well, to provide more information about the activities and sightseeing you can do around here.

The silver coast attracted more attention past years since the Algarve prices have gone through the roof. Here the rural nature is still available as well as UNESCO world heritage (Alcobaca, Batalha, Sintra) and amazing history (Coimbra, Fatima, Lisbon ). Hiking and surfing is also very popular. Some beaches are for surfers (waves) but there are calm beaches for kids to play as well.