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When our son and daughter in law decided to move to Nadrupe (Lourinhã), we were looking for a holiday home in a quiet environment where we could go every year in September-Oktober for more or less 6 weeks and once a year for one week. We needed a house where we could bring our old cat and with a garden so she could walk (on a leash) there. Furthermore, we needed a good internet connection, because I work every day for a few hours on the computer. And, of course, it couldn’t be that far from our children’s house and not that expensive! And that was often the problem, mostly the holiday homes that meets our expectations were often too expensive.

Then we got a message in a facebook group from Lieve that she had a few houses to choose from. On their website, it seemed that the houses meet all our expectations, so we booked immediately for 5 weeks. And shortly after, for more one week in January 2020. We knew we were taking a risk, without even seeing the house in real…

But then we arrived at Vila Oasis Verde… We were way later than expected because we had some problems with our rental car, but we were very good welcomed by Bert. The house was more than we expected: big, cozy, modern, very well equipped, a large lawn and a big garden for Pitou, our cat. Amazing! Even more amazing, when I discovered the heated pool, which I used a lot! For my husband, the big television was the pinnacle of luxury.

On a regular basis, Lieve came to ask if everything was ok with us and if we needed something and if there were problems, Bert was there to solve them.

We knew already a little bit about the Silver Coast. We knew that there were fewer historical sites and cities in the direct environment than when you compare it with Spain or the south of France. But we knew that you could visit a lot. We visited the medieval city Óbidos, Santarém, Coimbra with the oldest and definitely the most beautiful of Europe university of Portugal, Lisbon with Castelo de São Jorge and beautiful Belém, Alcobaça, the palaces of Sintram, etc… And of course a lot of churches, monasteries and the beautiful city Nazaré. This city has a beautiful museum about traditional fishing and fishermen ship but has also a beautiful sandy beach with a cozy, but touristic dike

In Lourinhã there is a small but beautiful museum and of course the DinoParque. You must visit this to understand the fascination of the habitants of Lourinhã. They put in every name the word ‘dino’..

But the most beautiful of the SilverCoast is.. the beach!! I think we visited all the beaches between Peniche (where we took the boot to the Berlengas islands) and Ericeira. If it is for just a quick walk or if you want to do a long walk, everything is possible on this beautiful coastline. This is definitely the most beautiful at the Silver Coast and Central Portugal.

We’ve seen a lot, but there is, even more, to visit to come here for a few years on a holiday! And if we’ve seen everything, we just start over again. And our base? Casa das Palmeiras – Vila Oasis Verde, without a doubt!

The windmills of Lourinhã

This weekend, we visited windmills.  Beautiful ones and at only 5 minutes driving from Vila Oasis Verde.  When you come to us, you definitely need to see them!

Of course, they don’t play an active role in the economy anymore, but they are without doubt important heritage to centuries-old traditions of Portuguese people. 

We saw 5 windmills in Alto da Pinhoa, in the Moita dos Ferreiros region. Theye were all restored in April 2000, 3 are still in operation and 1 is transformed into a bar.  The last one has other purposes. 

I was told that if you were lucky (we weren’t at that moment 😉 ), you can talk with the miller and his wife and they show you a windmill in operation and they explain how it works.

The visit doesn’t take so much time, but it is nice to see, as well as for adults as for children.

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Caldas da Rainha: the city of the queen

Caldas da Rainha owes its name to Queen Dona Leonor, wife of the 15th century King Dom João II. On her travels, she enjoyed the local thermal spring. Even though she had various treatments, she had a wound that would not heal. To her surprise, the wound healed after bathing in that spring.

Caldas da Rainha
Caldas da Rainha


The local people bathed in those hot springs to cure their ailments. So, the Queen ordered to build a hospital for the people. Since there was high demand for the springs, this allowed bathing in comfort. Around the hospital, a village was formed, which came to be known as “Caldas da Rainha” (The Queen`s Hot Springs).

The town continued to grow. It reached its heyday in the late 19th and early 20th century. At that time it was fashionable to take a holiday in a spa resort. Hence, it was one of the places chosen by the nobility and aristocracy.

During the Second World War, the town was chosen as a place of refuge by many foreigners fleeing from persecution by the Nazis.

Caldas da Rainha street view
Caldas da Rainha street view

Caldas was the birthplace of important figures in Portuguese culture, notably the painter José Malhoa (C.19), whose work can be admired in the museum named after him in the Thermal Park (Dom Carlos I garden). Also born here was Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, the 19th century caricaturist. He founded the pottery factories where the popular Caldas pottery began to be manufactured, of which the best-known pieces are those containing characteristics humor.


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Tudo bem…. tudo ok… tudo what???

Yes, Portuguese seems a little difficult, isn’t it? And I, as a native Dutch speaker, can only confirm this. Portuguese is not easy, especially all the verbs. But which language is easy??

To help you, I found at Pinterest a nice picture of some basic sentences.


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Waterpark of Santarém

Last week, it was quite hot in Portugal. We needed water, lots of water, more specifically a water amusement park. Sure, there are a few around here, but the biggest we know is located in Santarém. So, we jumped in the car and drove North for about an hour to our destination, the water amusement park in Santarem!


Santarém is a bit further from the coastline, so the temperature is about 10 degrees warmer than Lourinha. At 10 am, it is already 30 degrees celsius, a real sweaty day to look forward to.

The water park

At the park entrance, there are long queues, a lot of people want to spend the day swimming and enjoying the water. The park offers several possible arrangements, you can have a deck chair with and without beach umbrella, on the lawn or you could choose a more private zone for your family. We decided to go for the chair plus umbrella. The shade is very welcome when there is a hot day ahead. More information about the prices here.

First impression: wow

When entering the park, we see a big pool with real waves, big slides, a pool for kids with fountains and slides and a big lawn with chairs. It looks amazing and we are ready for a great day.

The kids enjoy their day in the kid’s pool when they want to go to the big pool, the one with the waves, they need an adult accompanying them. The waves are fun for adults but kids with little swimming experience should have an adult with them making sure they don’t get in trouble.


Overall, we had a fun day in the water park and we will for sure come back for more in the future!

Tip for your perfect holiday: visit the water amusement park in Santarem!

Read also about dinosaurs in Lourinha!

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